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Friday, July 18

From The Design Files

I am dashing from here to there, from one task to another, from left to right. And between the dashing around, I find my two seconds of peace by looking at beautiful spaces. And when I find beautiful spaces, it's but obvious that I need to share them with you. 
So here goes, sharing my favorite spaces from the home tour archives of The Design Files.

Will be back with more next week. Have a great weekend folks!

[Images: The Design Files]

Friday, July 11

Look Out

To Look Within

Yeah. That kind of mood today.

My favorite people
You have a happy and zen weekend

[Image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4 and tumblr]

Monday, July 7

A Home In Bali

Just the sound of it
And then,
A home in Bali
Induces a deep longing
For places far away
 And for your own little space
That you can call home
In one of these far away places
Especially if the home is as eye catching as this one

Welcome to Brigitte Raben Olrik's home
In Bali.

Deep longing induced?
My job here is done! :)

See you again soon!

[Originally featured in Elle Decor UK. Images from: Here and There]
[Oh, and Hello Subhamoy!]

Saturday, June 28

Celebrating with Jaypore

We are 10,000 plus on facebook!

An Indian Summer has 10,000 and more friends connected from all over the world!
Please excuse me while I repeatedly exclaim and do a happy jig!
This calls for a party, and a celebration with friends!
All of you 10,000 & more splendid peeps
Plus my perennial favorite store and dear friend, Jaypore!

And before the world runs out of exclamation marks
Let me calm down a bit
Thank you! And hug you! And send flying kisses all over!

Jaypore continues to be fabulous and continues to bring to us truly beautiful hand picked products from India. It's the one shop from where it's impossible to return empty handed, impossible to just browse, impossible to just window shop. The array of goodies is too tempting and too unique to resist. These are just some of my favorites from their current collection; shop the rest right here.  

~ Giveaway ~

Jaypore loves An Indian Summer readers and has a generous giveaway for us. Be the happy owner of this exquisite large kettle, ceramic mugs and a bright cushion to relax on as you have your tea. Jaypore ships worldwide, so everyone is invited to participate. 

Here's what you need to do to enter:
1. Leave a comment here on An Indian Summer's facebook page. Just for fun, you get brownie points if you use '10,000' as part of your comment :D
Make sure you are logged into facebook to do so.
2. Leave a comment on this post too, to double your chances
3. That's it! Winner will be announced here next Friday, on July 4th .
Thank you Jaypore for yet another lovely gift for An Indian Summer readers! 
[All Images: Jaypore. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]

Monday, June 23

A Week Drenched In

The sea
Art galleries and quaint shops
Old Portuguese homes
Beach lounges
Beautiful B&Bs
Mojitos, agave and beer
Intense conversations & inane chatter
Creative folks
Photography & music
Cats and dogs
Bike rides through the country side
 And more rain

I am back, missing Goa, but completely rejuvenated by a week by the sea. Sharing some of the pics in this post; will share more from the places I visited and stayed at, soon. Feels good to be back on the blog, back to you guys! Have a little trove of posts ready just for you!

See you later in the week!

[Image Copyright: Mine. If you would like to share, please link back to this post and An Indian Summer]


Saturday, June 14

The Call Of Aqua

Monsoon and the Sea
 Is what's calling out to me
Along with invites from some lovely creative folks
To visit their beautiful galleries, boutiques and B&Bs

So I am off for a week
To take it all in
To get soaked in the rain
To meet these fabulous people
To capture my experience in pictures
To bring back another wanderlust story for you
And to put my feet up and drink mojito

It's only apt that I leave you with some coastal decor inspiration from Greece
Given Aqua is the flavor of the moment!

The jaw dropping beautiful spaces by Zege Architects
Interiors by Marilyn Katsaris
Photography: Yiorgos Kordakis

I'll see you after a week
Hoping for rains for those who are parched
And some more sun for those craving for a couple more months of warmth
Be good folks!

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